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    The Bottom Gap is the opening between the bottom edge of the protective eyewear and the top edge of the mask.

    Close The Bottom Gap

    Dental procedures can generate debris in the form of projectiles and blood-borne pathogens which can travel at speeds of up to 50 MPH. Such debris may include pieces of amalgam or other restorative materials, tooth structure, calculus, pumice, and broken dental burs etc. In the absence of appropriate eye protection, such debris can – and often does – find its way to the eyes through the Bottom Gaps.

    Bottom Gaps are the most frequent, yet unaddressed, opening through which debris can enter the eyes.

    About 2000 eye injuries occur in the US each day. Many are serious enough to require medical attention and time away from work. Most of these injuries can be prevented by wearing proper eye protection.

    Protect your most important asset: Your Eyes

    • Efficiently closes the bottom gap without the glare, discomfort, fogging, visual distortion, and condensation that are typically associated with full face shield masks
    • Doesn't interfere with line of vision
    • Designed to accommodate any size or style of glasses or loupes, making adoption easy
    • Easy to use – just like the flat mask you are accustomed to using
    • Less waste than a full face shield mask
    • Made in USA

    Our mask was developed as a result of an eye injury. During a routine dental procedure - while wearing a dental mask and safety glasses – a piece of the patient’s filling flew into the dental practitioner’s eye through the bottom gap resulting in a visit to the emergency room. One month later, it happened again. Following conversations with colleagues, we realized this was a fairly common occurrence.

    Based on research, personal experience, and surveys of other dental professionals we developed our Surgical Mask with Bottom Gap Shield to protect against one of the most common, yet preventable causes of eye injuries: debris entry through bottom gaps pathways.

    We developed this mask to provide Bottom Gap protection with an easy-to-use solution. Full face shields and other similar options can result in glare, fogging, visual distortion, and general discomfort. Wearing our mask is no different than the flat mask you’re accustomed to.

    The only dental mask that closes the Bottom Gap without fogging, visual distortion and discomfort.